Works in pencil, watercolor and pastel. Arti Chauhan

Arti Chauhan is an Indian artist specializing in portrait and figurative painting. Born, raised and educated in India. Currently lives and works in Basingstock, UK.

Artie Chohan is self-taught and works equally well in different environments such as watercolor, pencil, coal and soft pastel. However, regardless of the environment, “life” is a constant theme that unites all her work. The artist believes that each character is able to tell a story, and it does not matter if it is a person or an animal.

“We all have a close connection with nature, and my goal is to find and show the inner beauty that is inside every living being. I use watercolor and the Impressionist style of painting to create portraits of people and animals. I try to use the most realistic approach in my work with pencil, watercolor and pastel. My style is constantly evolving, I like to experiment and learn new methods of painting.

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