Women Artists of India

The women of India have always been struggled for the place in the sun and against marginalization which is obvious even in the modern society having been strict for centuries in this country. And when we talk about Indian women artists we should mention that gender issues in this sphere are even more apparent. There is discrimination concerning paintings and sculptures. Let’s look at what happens in today’s society in connection with women in Art.

Peculiarities of women art

Aside from a gender the artists should differ from each other with a unique feature. They are inspired by places, people, circumstances and express their emotions in a unique way applying their skills and talent. It is well known that most women are more sensitive and historically they have been more successful in the art world than elsewhere.

And though the artist’s gender must not influence on the market value of a picture, there are challenges which Indian women face including difficulty in selling their works and being representing in national museums. Unfortunately even in Europe the prices for pictures of female artists become a source of disappointment when they are compared with their male counterparts. Still there are very gifted and recognized women artists.

The Famous Women Artists in India

  • Amrita Sher-gil is crown jewel of the nation. We’d say that she is the most celebrated woman artist and often compared with Frida Kahlo. She got art education in Paris and admired Paul Gaugin trying to follow his techniques. When she returned to India she changed her trend and went into ancient murals. She pictures the female body trying to show is beauty in everyday life.
  • Meera Mukherjee feels expired by the folk art spending years in the village adopting traditional practices. She can be regarded as a tribal artist with her own experiments and unique imagery mixing folklore and urban art.
  • Nasreen Mohamedi shows us the world full of unusual shapes, which we do not even notice before. She is a representative of Abstract Art. In order to achieve the amazing forms she observes the object under different conditions, in the morning and at night so that she could note the slightest details and depict them using plain lines and only two colors: black and white.
  • Arpita Singh is very respectful in Indian Contemporary Art. She presents women with tongue in cheek reflecting of women fates and real life. Her paintings are bright and beautiful with unusual interpretation of emotions like roses inside the woman’s body.

Art and Pregnancy

If there are successful Indian women artists, it can be an example for other women to unlock their potential in this sphere. Are there any reasons to refuse painting connected with female health? Of course, there are some restrictions if a lady is pregnant. The point is that paints are toxic and can harm a little bit. This is the case of oil though the extent of toxicity depends on the composition and chemicals added to paints. So, if a producer is reliable, and an artist wears protective clothing including masks working in the properly ventilated area and uses water colors or acrylic laying aside oil paints, then the danger is minimum or even absent.

As to the rest issues art is very helpful for reducing depression, improving mood and treating the diseases connected with heart or nerves. In general, the traditional medicine recommends the engagement in art activity of different kinds to gain self-confidence, calm and enjoyment.

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