Sex in Modern Indian Art

India is a country with varying cultural and sexual traditions. In general the attitude to sexuality in India has been formed under influence of religion and depicted in literature, pictures, sculptures and canvases of the past mostly. Modern art is losing the unique Indian colors due to globalization. But still there is this genuine fleur, which beats the world. So, we are going to discover the peculiarities of Indian modern art in terms of sexuality in this article.
Indian Art

What Is Special about Indian Art?

India is a very old civilization being more than 5 000 years old. We know the erotic sculptures in Hindu temple dated by the 9th-century and a lot of other artefacts about sexual culture including the first written manual with pictures described sexual intercourse as a science – Kamasutra issued somewhere between the 1st and 6th centuries. It has played an essential role in the world history of sex. It ties sex to the sacred as well as murals in different temples do.

The modern Art challenges the surrounding reality being a projection of rules and behaviors in society, which sometimes restrict freedom of artists keeping them within bounds and preventing progress. That is why modern artists do their best to refuse various social taboos existing in India now and sometimes the result can be eye-opening.

How to Judge an Artist?

There are a lot of gifted modern artists in India which depict the topic of sex in their works. How can you find the real masterpieces among them? To understand if artists are worth to be paid attention to, just ask yourself looking at their works if they:

  • are original using various techniques in their special manner,
  • are able to create unique compositions, find unusual solutions using exact brush strokes and silhouettes.
  • understand why they place all those details in the picture, write a story, which can be explained.
  • are in progress making new masterpieces, carrying out experiments and offering new ideas with their works.

The Names

There are recognized and respected modern Indian artists and among them Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra. In 2007 they arranged their exhibitions in New York with the provoking works indicating to increased sexual activity within the youth in India. They make the Indian urban middle class talk about sex including safety in it. Another outstanding artist follows the mainstream of sexual behavior determined by societal norms. He is famous for sexual surrealism in his works. Saumin Patel’s works dedicated to erotic art is Kaamotsav, which is not about penetration buy about tasteful fantasies in sketches.

Influence of Art on Health

Does Art have only social implication, revealing the things, which are denied or repressed? The scientists insist that there is a healing effect on a person creating the canvases, observing the creative activity of others or staring at the result. There is proved evidence that being involved in artistic activities, a person improves his moods, making emotions positive that impact on physiological parameters connected with proper functionality of the human body.

The Art is good for such chronic diseases as cardiovascular disorders caused by depression and stress. When you are engaged with creative activities you alleviate the burden of chronic disease. Thus, such deviations as impotence can be healed, as far as common reasons for it are heart problems and anxiety. The Art does not only depict the sexual life but also improves it. The erotic works can be a perfect sexual stimulation that will lead to sexual arousal needed after administration of Viagra bought here. It is well known that ED drugs acts only if there is a proper stimulation. Even Cialis with fast effect needs it. The details of the principle of its work you can read here –

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