Rebellion painter. Ganesh Panda

Ganesh Panda is a rebel by nature, he accepted the challenge, stood up against the chaos and indifference that reigns in modern painting.

Painting allows expressing various emotions of the artist: joy, sadness, passion, pain, desire, with the help of painting he better understands modern society. His works are a kind of certificate of maturity, a confirmation of the artist’s ability to convey these emotions on canvas. And Ganesh Panda reached in this perfection. He is one of the most sensitive artists in the world of modern painting.

His works are the product of a stormy marriage between Ganesh Panda, the “observer” and Ganesh Panda, the “artist”, reinforced by a passion for perfection in all aspects of fine arts. Ganesha Panda is a rebel by nature, he accepted the challenge, stood up against the chaos and indifference that reigns in modern painting and tried to change the picture of the world with his works.

Somewhere in the midst of all his struggle for survival, he became part of the artistic management of an advertising agency, but having accepted the management, the table was a victim of uncertainty – an idle life began a hunt for him. Ganesh found solace in the beauty of the setting sun, in the changing autumn leaves, in the excitement of the sea, in the tranquility of the dark deserted streets, the persistence of an old sick man, and in countless moments of indifference to others. For a man living dreams, every moment is precious, every breath is sacred. He drew inspiration from such moments and soon realized that he must express his feelings in his paintings.

So, he left the illusory world of advertising, where he did everything from creating layouts of printed products to developing the design of covers for CDs, so that in 1991 he created his own studio, where he began working on a series of projects. However, he does not think that time in the advertising industry was wasted – thanks to this work the artist was able to hone his skills. From the very beginning of his career, the artist was against painting ordinary, banal paintings that used beautiful and eye-catching colors. The artist Ganesh Panda covers the whole range of human feelings, but he does not want to idealize these emotions, but on the contrary, he shows them very clearly.

Many of his works seem to be written very schematic, almost without taking into account the details. Instead of a brush, he uses a mastic, therefore, his paintings often look incomplete. This allows the viewer to fully focus on the essence of the painting. His most outstanding ability is the skilful mixing of colors, more in line with his personal point of view, while stimulating our imagination.



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