Modern Indian artist. Ramesh Jhawar

Ramesh Jhawar is a modern Indian artist, born in Rajasthan state, in 1978. By education, he is a self-taught artist. Ramesh Jhawar’s interest in art became evident in his early childhood. However, he was brought up in a family of merchants, so it is not surprising that he followed in his parents’ footsteps and graduated from a trade college. Nevertheless, he grew up there from childhood and, in geometric terms.
The artist, until finally, at one point, the young man did not accept painting as inevitable and began to take it more seriously.

Over the years, he perfected his skills in a simple and yet incredibly complex watercolor environment, and eventually earned the name of an outstanding artist known not only in the country but also far beyond. His paintings were published in the popular French art magazine “Pratique Des Arts” as well as in the catalog of the International Watercolor Society.

Recently his watercolors were awarded at the All India Art Exhibition organized by the Camel Art Foundation, and one of his works was named “Best Watercolor Painting”. Ramesh’s paintings are a realistic description of everyday life, amplified by light and shadow elements. To date, he has held several solo exhibitions, not only in India, but also in other countries such as Switzerland and Spain. His paintings are in many private collections in India and abroad. He currently lives in Bangalore and works as a professional painter.

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