Digital painting. Archan Nair

Archan Nair is a talented Indian artist, born November 6, 1982, in New Delhi, India. He became famous for his digital paintings, painted in the style that he developed himself – a mixture of pop art, abstraction and much more. Today Archan is a recognized master of painting, he is both an illustrator and art director, specializing in mixed technique, illustration and digital painting.

His main source of inspiration is the various phases and forms of life, through the combination of which he creates very complex works that combine different aspects of our existence.

Initially Archan was an entrepreneur and worked in the fashion industry, he started painting only in 2006 at the age of 24 and became an independent professional artist only in 2007. Since then he has collaborated with many people and companies around the world such as Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer, Sony, etc.

Archan’s work has been published several times in various publications, including “Computer Art”, “Digital Art”, “Advanced Photoshop”, “GQ”, “Century”, “Vanity Fair”, he has won recognition from music artists such as Kenny West. By expressing his love for the creative process, the artist has opened a new path, moving on which he explores the essence and beauty of modern life. His website:

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