Dark and gloomy loneliness. Dee Taylor

Dee Taylor is a modern Indian artist. He graduated with honors from the University of Fine Arts in Kent with a bachelor’s degree. He has been painting all his life since he can remember. In the first years of his career he devoted himself to commercial activities. However, he soon realized that he had to give in to his persistent desire to become an artist.

In his paintings he strives to express his overwhelming emotions and cause a mood of dark and gloomy loneliness. Vast and empty urban landscapes offer emotions that the artist was looking for, as well as barely visible threatening contours of buildings under the dark masses of clouds in the night sky. People, stories with their participation, poor lighting and darkness around, inspire Taylor and offer the opportunity to share with the viewer their views on contemporary culture. Today He lives and works in Dimcherch, UK.

Website: https://www.saatchionline.com/DeeTaylor

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