Body language. Avinash Manekar

Avinash Manekar is a young Indian artist, born September 21, 1980, in Vidarbhi. He received an art education at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya University in Pune, has a diploma of GD Arts (fine arts), after graduating, he settled in the city of Nazik, the neighborhoods of which are full of interesting and natural rich landscapes and, gifted with St. Godavari, full-flowing rivers. Avinash believes that “without education, we are nobody, however, people are very inventive, so we are!

With the help of various media such as pencil, coal, oil paint, watercolor and acrylic he developed his own style. Not satisfied with the decline in the quality of two-dimensional painting depicting nature and man, he turned to sculpture. The artist had to work hard to create three-dimensional artwork that fully reproduces the volume of objects and people.

Avinash Manekar reflects his inner world in a series of paintings under the general name “Drama”. His figurative paintings depict individuals and groups of people, by will or not, who found themselves in a web of relationships. Avinash likes to depict his characters in light colors. This is his way to indicate the thoughts and mood of the characters. He diligently avoids depicting details on the faces of the characters in his paintings, as it helps to focus on emotional and stressful states of personality, but the audience can clearly see the body language. In some of his paintings Avinash specially paints people not full height to “amputate” the desire of the audience. Avinash plays with contrasts to explore different spheres of reality.

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